Pattern ABC in Tanzania – video

We hope this finds you well and sheltering safely.

Please enjoy the simple joy of children’s learning with our 10 minute video on the Pattern ABC Tanzania Pilot.

Spatial skills are the engine for STEM and STEAM learning, and are nowhere in the US school curriculum.

We intend to change that.

2000 = STEM

2010 = STEAM

2020 = SPATIAL is the new STEM.

Thanks to:

Radius Foundation for funding the pilot

Dr. Dina Borzekowski of U. Maryland Public Health for the research implementation

Dr. Charlotte Cole of Blue Butterfly Collective for research design

Kevin O’Connor of O’Connor Literary Agency for managing the project

Dr. Vijal Parikh and Fortune Horse Studios for video editing

Dr. David Uttal for his spatial wisdom and guidance

Dr. Herb Ginsberg for his math wisdom and guidance

Dr. Pia Britto for her attention to the PatternABC potential

Dr. Vijal Parikh as na2ure cofounder in many areas developing this project Stacia French for the voiceover

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In mid April, we’ll announce stay at home activities—making from recycled packaging and I Spy Patterns outdoor walks — for preschool and elementary children to keep making and keep noticing patterns in the world around them.

To your health,

Alex and Vijal