Path to Learning podcast episode: Alex and Vijal

We hope you all got to play outside this summer. We are thinking how to help kids do that this fall, as play is inherently spatial.

You might enjoy this podcast discussion of spatial learning: spatial reasoning is as important as verbal and math skills, as we grow up, but even more soin early childhood. 

Many thanks to Scott Bultman, Jay Irwin and John Pottenger for inviting us to talk about the PatternABC and spatial learning on their podcast The Path to Learning.

The podcast is an extension of their documentary project Garden of Children, a series on the history of Kindergarten, in the works for the past few years.

Listen here (38 minutes): I have listened to the entire podcast series, and recommend it to parents and teachers.


Our chapter on the PatternABC passed its second edit in August. The first textbook on Biomimicry ever, Biomimicry for Materials, Design and Habitats: Innovations and Applications, from Elsevier and edited by our NASA colleagues, has a companion text book on biomimicry in aeronautics.


We are launching a Kickstarter in a few weeks with clear PatternABC cards. They are super fun and come with some play materials. Stay tuned for the early bird specials — I will give a launch newsletter beforehand.

Normally, we only give 1 page of news per month (or less), so we can keep our readership high and engaged (98% delivered, 50% opened). We really want our first product in several years to take off quickly, so we can get it to kids soon. If you have friends who are interested, please have them sign up for the newsletter to keep up with the launch, and mid campaign update.

Play on,
Alex and Vijal