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• NASA Biocene 2020 •• Elsevier textbook chapter ••• Uncommon Goods October promotion •••• upcoming Kickstarter

Presenting and winning at NASA Biocene 2020:

NASA V.I.N.E. selected na2ure to create a video on what we do and how it fits in with NASA for their invite-only workshop Oct 8-11, 2020.

• we WON Most Educational, and it will run on nasa.gov. WOOT!

• we presented a success teaching biomimicry on the Ed Track

• and we presented, in the Systemology cluster, one of 3 sections on how spatial reasoning fits into temporal thinking, time travel and design, along with Andy Dong, and Randy Anway.


We submitted our chapter on the PatternABC:

60+ pages, 44 figures and 64 citations. PHEW.

Biomimicry for Materials, Design and Habitats: Innovations and Applications from Elsevier, is edited by our NASA V.I.N.E. colleagues.

We discuss how the patternABC can be a language for nature, and for spatial learning, and hence for bio-inspired design; and how it can be utilized from preschool through university, and vocation and professional training.


Uncommon Goods x Made in NYC…

an exclusive, selected Ani-gram-it game for October promotion. YAY!

Go bump our sales for the last days!


Kickstarter of clear PatternABC cards coming soon…

We held off to finish the above, and expect to launch after the election.

Help us reach our funding goal on day one by being one of the first 100 orders, and we will ship early to you!

Notice of the launch will be sent out a few days ahead.

In the meantime, GO VOTE!

Alex and Vijal